From the creative talent of a designer and the foresight of an entrepreneur, both Sicilian, was born the idea of ​​creating an exclusive range of bags with yesterday's techniques and today's style.
This is why JADISE is a one-of-a-kind brand.


The tradition on which the craftsmanship of the past was based is brought back into the present and enhanced by the creative flair of Massimiliano D'Angelo , who manages to put together carefully selected high-quality materials and transforms them into small works of art to carry around. The colors, the great personality and the artistic eye of JADISE bring to light the strengths of Made in Italy: talent, passion and history.


JADISE was born in 2012, when Massimiliano D'Angelo and the entrepreneur Emilio Lombardo transformed their dream of bringing together art and craftsmanship into reality. Sicily inspired them and subsequently, they let themselves be transported by all the beauty of the south, to then become, over time, one of the flagship brands of 65 points of sale throughout Italy.


In 2014 JADISE also began to expand abroad by presenting new collections at the most important international trade fairs such as the International Clothing and Accessories Exhibition Who's Next in Paris, the International Leather and Accessories Fair Mipel - Micam and the event White in Milan.

The collection immediately met with considerable success: JADISE was targeted by international buyers, who decided to distribute it in the most authoritative multi-brand retailers and department stores in the fashion sector. It is the first step towards the international expansion of the brand in France, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

JADISE thus crossed the Alps.


In 2016 JADISE was among the finalists of the second edition of the It's Time to South project, the format created by White Milano - cradle of avant-garde and young fashion - in collaboration with ICE - agency for promotion abroad - for the Salone della Fashion with the aim of launching Made in the South creativity throughout the world of fashion.

The research and quality of the materials, the innovative design and the value of the products do not go unnoticed. JADISE is selected by a jury of experts who find it one of the most promising companies in Southern Italy for abroad. As a perfect icon of true Made in Italy, the brand continues to grow, further expanding its boundaries in the international market.


Day after day, JADISE continues to consolidate its presence abroad and its products are currently exported all over the world:

USA, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Malta, France, Greece, Ghama and Kenya.

However, this is not the arrival, it is just a stage of JADISE's journey.
Among the ongoing projects, in fact, there is the desire to open the first Official Store.
Follow us to find out.